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Comments and (constructive) criticism are appreciated!

Just playing around with editing. I like the effect.

And no, I wasn’t that bored! Barbie is going to get a make-over! I’ll try to remember to post pictures of made over Barbie when I finally get her finished!

Week 1 – White and White

Week 2 – White and Orange

Hobbs’ new favourite place. In the kids play house on top of the kitchen.

Cheesy grin. One of the rare photos that E has actually let me take of him lately.

E sticking his head into a shot I was trying to take (for Photo Friday). Can’t get him to let me take photos of him, but apparently I can’t take photos not of him either!

L still thinks photos are fun!

E sticking himself into the photo again! I have to admit though, I do really like this photo!